New Cannibal Markets

New Cannibal Markets

Globalization and Commodification of the Human Body

Édité par Jean-Daniel Rainhorn, Samira El Boudamoussi

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Globalization and Misuses of Biotechnologies: Back to Cannibalism? (Jean-Daniel Rainhorn)

Part 1 Trading in the Human Body

New Markets, Old Questions? (Samira El Boudamoussi and Vincent Barras)

Rest in Pieces: A Short Genealogy of Cannibal Markets (Jean-Jacques Courtine)

To Ban or Not to Ban: The Ethics of Selling Body Parts (Samia A. Hurst)

The Value of Life: Religions and Commodification (Samira El Boudamoussi)

Part 2 Wombs for Rent

How Do We Balance Risk and Desire? (René Frydman)

States of Confusion: Regulation of Surrogacy in the United States (Seema Mohapatra)

Danish Sperm and Indian Wombs: Fertility Tourism (Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim)

For Motherhood and for Market: Commercial Surrogacy in India (Sarojini Nadimpally)

Within Me, But Not Mine: Surrogacy in Israel (Etti Samama)

Part 3 Brain Theft

Is Brain Drain Cannibalism? (Alex Mauron)

An Unfair Trade? Mobility of Africa's Health Professionals (Delanyo Dovlo and Sheila Mburu)

Double Movement: Health Professionals and Patients in Southeast Asia (Nicola Suyin Pocock)

Selective Immigration: Nurse Importation by Developed Countries (Barbara L. Brush)

Part 4 Organs for Sale

Is Transplantation Tourism a Form of Cannibal Market? (Philippe Steiner)

State of the Trade: World Transplant Tourism (Jacob A. Akoh)

Lessons in Donation: The Spanish Experience in Latin America (Rafael Matesanz and Beatriz Mahíllo)

An Alternative to Trade: The Iran Experience (Mitra Mahdavi-Mazdeh)

The Ends of the Body: Neocannibalism and Military Necropolitics (Nancy Scheper-Hughes)

Part 5 The Human-Product-Banking Industry

Do Human Body Parts Have a Social Life? (Vinh-Kim Nguyen)

In the Name of Quality and Safety: Commercialization of Human Cells and Tissues (Jean-Paul Pirnay)

Selling Donations: Ethics and Transfusion Medicine (Jean-Daniel Tissot, Olivier Garraud, Jean-Jacques Lefrère, and JeanClaude Osselaer)

Who Are the Owners? Commercialization and Biobanking (Bernice S. Elger)

Part 6 The Bigger Picture

What else? Development, Gender, and Human-Rights (Philippe Goyens)

From Colonization to Neocolonization: New Forms of Exploitation (Firouzeh Nahavandi)

Commodified Bodies: Is It a Gender Issue? (Judit Sándor)

Trafficking in Persons for the Removal of Organs: A Human-Rights Approach (Debra Budiani-Saberi
and Seán Columb)

Part 7 Mapping National and International Responses

Questions for the future (Edward Kelley)

Limiting Commodification: International Law and Its Challenges (Carmel Shalev)

Medical Products of Human Origin: Towards Global Governance Tools (Luc Noël and Dominique Martin)

Human Commodification: Professions, Governments, and the Need for Further Exploration (Alexander M. Capron)

Conclusion (Jean-Daniel Rainhorn and Samira El Boudamoussi)

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